A creative technology studio specializing in research & development, data visualization, and complex interfaces.

Officially started in 2015, after a few successful years of running without a label, flow/control works with hardware and software, collaborates with startups and organisations to prototype products, build tools, explore and visualize data, and share knowledge.

We enjoy working in the space of constant explorations, growing projects organically, experimenting with different approaches. We aim at finding unique solutions while working at the fringe of best practices and novel solutions.

We are based in Poznań, Poland, and we work remotely with clients all over the world. We can integrate into existing teams, or lead the project from start to end.


  • software & hardware development
  • research & prototyping
  • data visualization
  • creative coding
  • workshops & training


Szymon Kaliski — founder/creative technologist

Started from playing a lot of experimental music as a teenager, which drove him to build his own software to make music, generative visuals later, and finally interactive installations and experimental experiences.

Loves building tools.

Jan Hoffmann — senior developer

Experienced in developing both commercial, and open-source projects, with focus on good coding practises and clean code paradigms.

Functional programming enthusiast.


Google, Audi, Mercedes, Red Bull, Nesta, SurveyMonkey, Ballantine's, CarePredict, Squint Opera, MullenLowe, Hellicar&Lewis, Studio NAND, Variable, Hirsch&Mann, SAM Labs, Fibaro, BareConductive, M/A Works, La Moulade


Drop us a line at: hi@flow-control.io

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