Empowering human cognition through design and technology

flow/control is an interdisciplinary research & development studio focused on solving complex design problems

We specialize in researching, prototyping, and building data‑driven interfaces that support understanding, discovering, experimenting, and high-level decision making.


flow/control practice is built on a premise that the new dynamic medium1we work with should become a tool for thinking2, augmenting what we, as humans, do best instead of replacing us. Our approach often taps into future‑of‑coding research3, exploring new ways of design and computation.

We are tool builders, conscious of the fact that the tools we build, later shape us.

Our approach is rooted in user-centered4 and prototype‑driven design. Our process is established on rapid, collaborative experiments5 with iteratively generated tools, and close collaboration with our clients.


Our work starts by researching domain-specific knowledge, and exploring the legacy environment, creating a shared understanding among all collaborators.

We explore the solution space for a given problem through sketching — both on paper and in code.


  • Legacy Environment Review
  • Prior Art Research
  • Workshops
  • Design Research
  • Technical Requirements
  • Project Definition
  • Scope of Work
  • Scheduling
  • Exploratory Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Data Visualisation
  • Ideation
  • Interactive Sketches
  • Analitics
  • User Interviews
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Longitunidal Study
  • Fullstack
  • Native
  • Mobile
  • Embedded
  • UI Design


We work with cutting-edge startups and global businesses, collaborate with multiple studios and agencies, solving problems from initial concepts to final execution.

Redesigned functionality and experience for Causal delivering versatile, familiar, and powerful modeling and forecasting tool.

Invented a new interface for Molecule.one, enabling shorter drug development time in large pharmaceutical corporations.

Developed visual and textual domain-specific language for automating smart homes.

Designed and implemented layout management system and information-dense charts for European Space Agency.

Created tooling for Humanitarian OpenStreetMaps to help visualize, understand, and share their progress with stakeholders.

Built comprehensive interface for the Mayor of London, showing the next 50 years of London development, to aid high-level decision making in the city.

Designed and implemented a bespoke data visualization for Google I/O, to share knowledge about the global presence of Android devices.

We work remotely with clients all over the world, either as in-house team extension or an independent department.

and many more...


Our studio was founded in 2015 in Poznań, Poland, by a group of enthusiasts of data-driven design and creative uses of technology.

We are a boutique studio, focused on solving problems, instead of artificial growth.